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IICRC WRT Certified

Water damage in your home can be caused by an array of sources. Some of the most common water intrusion comes from pipe leaks, faulty foundations, failed sump pumps, overflowing faucets/toilets and leaking roofs. All of these issues are major headaches but not as big of a headache that follows the actual damage to your belongings and valuables inside your home. If you experience water intrusion or unwanted water inside your home it is important to call a trusted professional out to your home immediately to mitigate the amount of damage that occurs from the water.


IICRC AMRT Certified

The most common areas of your home that mold spores can live and reproduce in are your Crawl Space, Basement, Attic, Bathrooms, Kitchens, and Air Ducts. If you have had any recent water intrusion, leaks, or excessive humidity, it is advised that you have a certified professional inspect the area to ensure that there is no visible mold growth. If you personally have visually seen any abnormal discoloration or mold growth inside your home, it is advised that you contact a certified professional to work up a quote for you to have the remediation done as quickly as possible. 

Ensure safe air quality in your home with superior mold remediation services from Priority Roofing & Restoration. We are equipped with vast experience and advanced tools to remove mold from your home once and for all. Let our mold remediation specialists help you restore your property to safe air quality levels. Once the work is completed and testing reflects clean air, a certificate of completion will be issued with a 1 year warranty for the work completed inside the home. This warranty is transferable to the next owner of the property if you are planning to sell in the near future.

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